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Planning your trip

Where can I view your rates?
What is the GST?
What are Airport Gate Fees?
Does the cost include a gratuity or tip to the driver?
Does the cost include the Banff Park User Fee?
Are prices quoted in Canadian Dollars or United States Dollars?
Is my pet allowed to travel with me in the vehicle?
How much luggage can you accommodate per person?
How much time should I allow between my scheduled flight arrival time and the charter departure time?
On my return, how much time should I allow for travel between my location and the Calgary International Airport?
How much time should I allow for check-in at the airport on my return?

Making your booking

How can I request a quote?
What type of payment is accepted and when will my card be charged?
What if I need to confirm, change, or cancel my reservation?

Airport Transportation

Upon your arrival

What will happen to my reservation if my flight is delayed/cancelled?
How long does it take to travel between Calgary and Canmore, Banff or Lake Louise?
Where at the airport will I meet my driver?
Where will I be dropped off and picked up in Banff/Canmore or Lake Louise?

On your return

Where will the driver pick me up?

Activity and Dinner Transfers

Where will the driver pick me up?
What is the wait time?
What if we want to stay longer than 3 hours?